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Health Career

The Health Career websuite was created to provide specialised recruitment opportunities for people searching for a career in health care and employers looking to find staff within the health care sector that may be looking to expand their health career.

Jobs and Employment in the Health Care Sector

Health Career This jobs portal is designed to provide specific, specialised services to employers seeking staff already in the health care sector, in addition to potential school leavers and graduates keen to start their successful health career.

A Specialist Healthcare Jobs Website for our Industry Needs

As the leading online job service for people in the health care sector in Australia, is committed to the delivery of quality services to the industry. The site has been created as a result of feedback from many sources complaining about the difficulty often experienced when either placing adverts for people in the health profession or jobseekers from the health care field seeking to expand on their health career.

Your Career in Health Care

Career Health Care If you are looking for a career in health care or you are already in a health career job and are keen to further develop your health career, this jobs portal is the pathway to assist you. This jobs website has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of both jobseekers and employers in the health care sector, and we are constantly looking for ways to make the process of searching and applying for a job as seamless as possible, so you'll have no excuse to take the next step in improving your health career.

Boost your Career in the Health Field

Career Field Health Register at and make use of our resume wizard to help you establish a concise yet professional resume using templates that have been established with your health career in mind. You can print this resume, save it to your computer or even store it on and attach it to any applications you send. We make it so easy to expand your health career!

Get Started and Find Jobs Online Now

Jobs on our jobs portal are divided into four sensible sections relevant to those seeking a health career:

  • Acute Care - Hospital and Clinical related employment
  • Aged Care - e.g. Jobs in nursing homes, or caring for the elderly
  • Community Care - Social Outreach workers, community development, and related
  • Disability Services - Carers and Therapists jobs

However in each of the categories are jobs which may not necessarily require specific experience in the health care industry, such as Administration, Accounting and Payroll and so forth. Get started and explore where you want to take your health career right now.

Your Career Choice - Health

Career Choice Health Your choice of working in the health care industry, whether it be in the area of acute care and hospital treatment, caring for aged or elderly patients, supporting your community as a social worker, or providing aid and tending to the disabled, amongst others - is clearly a rewarding and challenging vocation. The employment aspects of the industry are often misunderstood as the domain of health employment requires detailed understanding of the different disciplines.

Find Health Jobs in your Chosen Profession provides candidates seeking a career in the health care field or candidates already in the health care sector with a job mail service. Simply register for the type of health career you are seeking and receive appropriate job advertisements directly to your email.

A Career in Public Health

Career Public Health In building on your career in the public health, wellness, or medical fields, it is important to get access to the right health care job opportunities in an easy to use manner. It's not as simple as finding a site with health jobs online. Let's say that each time you're looking to further your health career and build on your experience and skills you visit that site, but you have trouble finding the right jobs. Because of the limited choices and difficulty using the site your health career will clearly suffer. Find the best jobs from our massive range, and work for the best employers. It all starts with our easy to use job search. It's the fastest and easiest way to improve your health career.

Put your Skills and Vocation to Caring for your Community

It's not just a health career. In finding the right job you are not only making the most of your skills and potential, but you're putting yourself to best use in serving and caring for the public, and those needing aid. Whether you deal with patients directly, or your role is supportive, your efforts all contribute to a better life and wellness for other people. Furthering your career is just a bonus!

Our Commitment to the Health Care Industry

In 2007 the Health Career jobs site was created with a commitment to provide employers with a specialised portal to maximise their recruitment opportunities, whilst eliminating the confusion for candidates already in the healthcare industry and candidates seeking a new career in health care.