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Health Care Jobs

Health Care Jobs If you're looking for health care jobs or employment in the health care industry there is only one site with all of the job adverts relevant to you, with a simple and easy to use process for applying for vacancies. This is your platform for finding health care jobs in the healthcare industry to new levels of job satisfaction. Whether you're looking to move to a new occupation in the health industry, or find opportunities to expand your competencies in a new position, Australia's premier health recruitment site is the best way to find your ideal healthcare jobs.

Health Jobs

Health Jobs Health jobs are best searched for on a site which specifically caters to the health care industry. Why? Because Healthcare jobs have very specific functions and categories which do not reflect the wider job market. A jobs site which does not specialise in healthcare will often have the problem of job posts ending up in wrong categories where they aim to fit the general model to the health jobs area. This results in more difficulty in jobseekers finding the health care jobs they really want, and for advertisers gives them disappointing or less suitable applicants and job application numbers for healthcare jobs they post.

This site aims to provide specific, specialised services to employers seeking staff already in the health care sector in Australia as well as potential school leavers and graduates keen to find healthcare jobs.

Jobs in Health

If you are looking for jobs in health, be they acute, aged care, mental health, public health or anything in between, is the pathway to assist you.

Public health jobs

Public Health Jobs Looking for jobs in public health? Working in public health can be one of the most rewarding vocations a person can do, and your service to the community can drive your passion and your career forward. But it's important to choose your employer wisely, and we give you the tools to make the best choice when it comes to healthcare jobs.

Mental health jobs

Looking for jobs in mental health? Healthcare jobs working in mental health is a skilled vocation which requires understanding, knowledge, and care, but it's rewards can have a direct and significant effects on peoples lives especially in the areas of:

  • depression
  • psychological illness
  • behavioural problems
  • mental illness
  • neurosis
  • psychotherapy

We aim to assist those who are looking for work in these areas of health care by providing online tools to help them find the occupation that makes best use of their skills, experience, and knowledge.

Health Care Jobs Posting

Health Care Job Posting Posting health care jobs on the site is quick, cost effective and easy for employers. Jobseekers looking for health care jobs can simply register to receive job mails from our job alert service and the jobs will be emailed to them daily.

Candidates Searching for their Ideal Position

To ensure the best placement in the health care industry, it's important to have access to all of the best jobs in health in the one place, and easy to use tools to search, sort, save, and alert you to them. The Health Career website provides all of these things.

Employers using the site for Recruitment

To find the best candidates for your health care jobs vacancies, you need to partner with a site which has:

  • Access to a large number of potential candidates, whether they are currently looking for work, or currently employed
  • Ability to post, edit, or remove an advert or many job advertisements using a fast, simple, and flexible job board system
  • A jobs site which is tailored specifically to the needs of the health care industry
  • A jobs site managed by people in the health care industry, constantly listening and aligning the service with client needs

The Health Career site has been designed from the ground up to deliver all of these things. Register for an employer account now and find out why is Australia's number one recruitment site for the health care industry.

Health jobs Australia

As the leading online health care jobs website in Australia, is committed to the delivery of quality services to the health care sector and the Australian public. The site has been created as a result of feedback from many sources complaining about the difficulty often experienced when either placing adverts for Australian companies in the health profession or jobseekers from the health care field in Australia seeking to expand on their health career.

Australian Health Jobs Divided into four relevant areas

Whilst there are many professions within the health care sector in Australia with jobs which require very similar competencies, there are clear differences and often the experience of a worker in a particular area is considered to be of greater value to some health care market segments in Australia.

Our categorisation of Health Jobs comes down to four sensible, relevant areas which most suit the Australian heath care sector:

  • Acute Care
  • Aged Care
  • Community Care
  • Disability Services

Within each of these job categories, Australian jobseekers, or those wishing to work in Australia, can find hundreds of subcategories covering the specific job that you may be looking for.

Having been established in 2007, is committed to providing employers with a specialised portal to maximise their recruitment opportunities attracting high quality staff to work within the Australian health care sector, whilst eliminating the confusion for candidates seeking Australian jobs in health or candidates seeking a career in health care in.